Sabre Energy Systems are specialists in assisting organisations with understanding when and where their utility consumption is being used in order to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

We provide our customers with affordable Energy Monitoring & Targeting systems.  No individual, organisation or company should be able to say they cannot afford to save energy.  We aim to help each company or organisation have the ability to cut waste and put the money saved back into the profits, or reduce their budget whichever is appropriate.

Our systems are based on State Of The Art’s award winning Eco Warrior Energy monitoring and analysis products. They offer scalable solutions to meet individual requirements and budgets.

Our services range from the installation of sub-metering to the monitoring and analysis of utilities for organisations managing hundreds of sites.

With the installation of appropriate metering, our Eco Warrior Pro monitoring and targeting (AM&T) systems are fully compliant with Part L2 building regulations, be they retro-fitted into existing buildings or part of new building projects.

Straightforward and comprehensive data analysis can be achieved using the Eco Warrior Tools package. From simple data profiling to bill checking, cost allocation, multi-site league tables and regression analysis. There’s something in it for everyone.

Simple to use doesn’t necessarily equate to useful. However, our systems are easy to use and provide all the detailed information you need to undertake meaningful energy analysis.